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GoGos Pattaya - Baccara

Baccara A-GoGo Bar Pattaya joined the best of Bangkok to offer you the most impressive gogo bar with the highest number of girls on Walking Street.

Baccara has one of the most focused and plush bar designs in Pattaya, that is both intimate and stylish, with tiered and comfortable seating.

There are two floors, each with a different ambience. The downstairs floor has a large central stage with a quick-turnover rotation of girls and the upper floor has a more private and interactive setting.

The upper floor has a sunken dance stage with a glass floor and fireman's pole.

It is perhaps the dominant bar of the group, with very good-looking girls. Explore our galleries to find out by yourself.

Baccara GoGo Bar also offers great entertainment and service, with excellent dance music and reasonably priced drinks.

Baccara A-GoGo Bar Pattaya
Baccara GoGo Bar Pattaya
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