Some people will argue that the beauty lies in the soul.  I’ll use the word beauty in a primary, sensual meaning, which is the beauty of sounds, colors, words beauty of women’s body. Let’s look at the body from a closer perspective, a perspective of millimeters to the kiss. The sense of beauty – against the platonic point of view – physically focused. The destiny of young Beautiful Pattaya Girls: to love and, which is more important, to be loved. Pattaya Ladies have high aspiring hopes and would like to show you their beauty.

Beautiful Pattaya Girls – feet

Let’s begin with the toes, long toes, and thin feet. The beauty of feet lies in clearly visible bones, visible lines of veins. Accented ankles, sharply defined forms. In some horrible cultures, feet and eyes are the only parts of woman body a man can see. A vast field for imagination, huge risk for a later disappointment. Feet are essential. Beautiful feet in elegant high-heeled shoes and a woman can present herself naked. Only shoes and stylish makeup that would be enough to say that she’s dressed.

Beautiful Pattaya Women – waist

The thin waist is the most forgotten sensual asset of a woman. Women prefer showing their naked navels, which is fine, however: who, besides of some fat Americans, is a fan of overflowing bellies? A thin waist, a bee waist, that’s what we are looking for. The magic formula 90-60-90 remains magic because of 60; the waist is the key. The reaction to seeing a regular waist is standard, but seeing a thin waist something changes, no matter how the rest of the body looks like.

Beautiful breasts

The Breasts are the most feminine element of Venus. Usually, we prefer bigger than small breasts. Hard tits with big dark nipples, the most perverse aspect of love. We fall in love with a woman, suck her nipples in the same way we sucked nipples of our mothers. And our beloved, beautiful woman let us suck her nipples in the same way she’ll let our children doing it if we may have kids. It won’t be tough if you have beautiful breasts and we are together in the same room. Or on the same Thai beach.

Beautiful women – lips

Big lips, succulent lips, lips of Thai women, enormous smile, and white teeth. It has nothing to do with kissing. Some women with small lips kiss to kill. But the more attractive form is a form of big lips. Lips of her mouth, lips between her legs. Asian ladies have shallow lips usually, particularly if they come from China, Japan, and Vietnam. However, ladies from South and South-East are closer to the ideal of a woman.

Beautiful color of skin

Asian ladies often use an umbrella against the sun, not the rain. They believe that the whiter the skin is, the better. White men are certainly more attracted by dark complexion. Why? Once again it seems that the biology takes care of everything. Our feelings, in particular, the deepest feelings of love or desire are nothing but the expression of biological necessity to mix our genes. Beauty is a shadow of desire, and desire is the drive of superhuman power of organic life.

Beautiful hands

Long fingers, slender hands, and long nails? A symbol of Beautiful Pattaya Girls who do not work any labor using her hands. We don’t care about the color of the nail varnish. We didn’t ever care about rings. Our ideal of a woman with long fingers her only job is to provoke, to be seductive, that’s enough. That’s what we are dreaming of: of a constant seduction, latent play, before we catch her, before we make use of a Taoist idea of connecting hard and soft, in regular, strong, yet delicate movements.

Dating Beautiful Pattaya Ladies

There’s no one perfect beauty. Asian girls from South-East are devoted much more to a man than women from western countries. Strong cultural and physical differences make the relation intense, unusual. There are millions of men trying to know and to meet Asian singles by the internet. Real Thai dating or Cambodian dating has nothing to do with the web. There are so many incredibly beautiful Pattaya girls who desire to meet a farang, a white man. Prepare & Plan together with some beautiful Pattaya lady on the web and then follow up and go there. Don’t stay in Oslo, Salt Lake City, or Wellington. Go and see with your own eyes, feel with your own fingers, kiss with your own lips. It’s better than masturbating looking at stupid porno movies over the net. Pattaya ladies are worth much more than the price of a plane ticket to Bangkok.

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