We are all familiar with women in one way or another, but Girls of Pattaya are in a group of their own. With ages ranging from 18 to the ladies of 50 yrs old. Each and everyone is funny in their way after all this is the land of smiles.

Why is it, so many of us men and women come from our respective countries travel so far to be with these silky haired, soft skinned and tanned beauties? Well for me it was the women of the UK. I had enough and found myself fortunate enough to leave old Blighty. I set sail or flight to Thailand, the most energetic place on earth I have every traveled too.

Girls of Pattaya are well known for its sexyness, and there is an abundance of them, on every street corner or shop/bar/restaurant and even so close as your hotel reception/room service.

Common misconceptions about Girls of Pattaya

NOT ALL GIRLS of Pattaya are available for the things a man feels he needs when the urge arises. Some girls work “normal” jobs. Not saying that the bar or agogo girls jobs are not normal. It is just as these jobs are seen as disrespectful jobs and done by common uneducated girls. Coming from Issan, a central region of Thailand, where it is predominantly work in rice fields. Farm families whose daughters are for whatever reason sent or expected to feed their families and travel to the big city to do so. Some working in shops, restaurants, hotels while others, let’s say the sexier or less shy, are more outgoing.Girls of Pattaya

The Pattaya girls work in the entertainment areas where these girls are spoken about by the more wealthy Thais as bad or unclean girls, some are, but I have also seen here the richest of women in Thailand, as I am about to explain.The women of Thailand come from all walks of life. But often only poor farm girl are recognized to sell her body. This is not entirely accurate. Also, the office girls, student girls, and some official girls/women are well known for giving their bodies not for cash but for gifts. That to make themselves look less of a hooker than the ones working in the bars.  Anyway, the exchange or trading of things has gone on for years, and prostitution is the oldest trade. Be it gifts or cold cash, the result is the same.

Why has the divide become so significant yet under the covers and hidden away the girls in Pattaya or Bangkok or even the richer tourist places like Phuket? They have become the touting grounds for money hungry educated women as much as the food hungry poor rice girls, in search of that one guy, one mug or the one westerner, like many many others have done, the one that falls in love and marries the girl of his dreams.

The Girls of Pattaya Challenge

The right one for you is difficult to spot; they are like chameleons, ever changing, ever alert and ever on their toes for the latest scam or trick. Just to part you from your hard-earned cash, even the educated ones, they have their ways of doing this.
To me, the girls of Pattaya are the best, yes the best scammers, the best tricksters. And hey in your country is it really different than the strongest survive while the weak fall? And do you pull the wool over the bosses eyes to grab that extra £ or $ at the end of the week? To boost your earnings and to pay the bills. Yes very much so here. Where Thai girls see western men spending Thai farmers yearly salary just to board a flight to see them. The vision of man’s lust the one, the only sexy Pattaya girls at their best. Meet them in the bars or a-gogos of Walking Street. In Soi 6 or Soi 7 or even so far as Soi 2.

Enter this site with an open mind, is the only thing left to say.  And meet the Pattaya girls, as sexy as they are. But beware of the cat amongst the pigeons; in this dog eat dog heaven called Pattaya.

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