The Heaven Above Pattaya go-go (Soi Diamond from Walking Street Pattaya) is one of those dens of the chrome pole people seem to either love or hate. My personal attitude towards it is one of ambivalence: can’t stand the aural assault emanating from behind the DJ’s booth, but appreciate the wide and varied looks of the dancing damsels, albeit that the majority are members of the hard-core division of wallet emptiers.Heaven above Pattaya

I was out with a mate who was initially reluctant to make the trek up the stairs into Heaven Above. He said his previous experiences in this gogo bar had been less than exciting and he wasn’t keen on the all-white décor. It was happy hour where a small glass of draft amber fluid is only 50 baht until 9:30pm. A smart move the management have picked up from the Happy/Peppermint/Beach Club collective is to have someone, in this case a couple of the more attractive dancers, walk around with a sign indicating happy hour would be over in five minutes.

What’ on in the Heaven Above Pattaya?

As we sat surveying the six dancers on the main stage and the three or four who were shuffling about on a few scattered podiums, my friend decided this visit to Heaven Above Pattaya was far better than his previous ventures into the den. A quick head count gave us around 25 dancers all up as well as some of the best looking service girls and hostesses of any place in Fun Town. At least a dozen of these girls score a 70% score or above and certainly half a dozen go-go girls who real stunners. The price level is rather high on both drinks and girls, however you have the option to barfine 200 Baht lower after 1:00 am.

If you’re looking for the kind of hands-on and go the grope kind of ogling den of the Baby Dolls/Windmill Club type experience then you’re in the wrong place. If you’re searching for Orville and Wilbur’s sister, Miss Wright, then once again you’re probably barking up the wrong pole.

Heaven above PattayaInstead, if you want to find the kind of girl who can strip paint off walls with her tongue and turn your love bone to jelly, then Heaven Above Pattaya is well worth the stair climb.

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