A Pattaya Bar Girl is known for her sexual liberty. If you’re a jealous woman from the USA or Europe – please don’t continue to read this article. It will bring you only frustration and disgust.

Common ground towards the Pattaya Bar Girl

If you’re a frustrated guy from any western country, then go to Pattaya. It will heal you for any sexual frustration faster than you think. There are no other places on the earth like Pattaya and Patong Beach on Phuket. Some men prefer Latin women than a Thai or Pattaya Bar Girl, but Latin America is entirely different. The danger is real there whereas Thailand is a safe and peaceful place.  When in Pattaya go to the Walking Street and enjoy whatever you like. Of course, many people think that all these Thai smiles are false because there’s a hidden truth called money and that these girls don’t want to do what they do. Quite the contrary: they like it equally as we do.

Just avoid falling in love too often and don’t offer all your money to the first one beautiful girl as an old idiot. There are so many dudes coming to Thailand that we don’t have to care about Thai economy. Personally, I know so many girls who have received thousands of dollars, sometimes $100,000 to open a small business just because they were friendly and smiled. But there is no problem if you don’t want to pay or don’t have this amount. Many imbeciles write that these girls are prostitutes and all that they care for is money. Someone may ask how to have these girls without paying? Oh, are you so stupid? Just love them. It is so simple.

Nihilist experiment

I’ve chosen ten Pattaya bars randomly and make a virtual tour. Here’s full list of the bars: Atlantic Bar, Anna Jet, U too, Night Wish, The Windmill Club, Dragon Bar, Freelance Bar, Cherry Bar, Canterbury Tales, Saigon Girl. Most of these bars are a bar with beer, pool, and girls, two or three are also guesthouses. All of them are very similar. The websites are of poor quality usually. The pictures of the girls are ugly or even very ugly. I haven’t seen any attractive face, only drunk, ugly, old men in arms of half naked not particularly cute girls with false smiles. Every Pattaya Bar Girl seemed to come from the lowest social classes, desperately looking for changing the profession and apparently, they are unable to do it.Pattaya Bar Girl from Baccara
I’ve read some so called “reviews” from guests of those bars. One reads it and doesn’t know where to hide oneself in shame. What banalities, how low one can fall, and yet Pattaya bar is a synonym of lust & joy, freedom, and happiness. The place of the cheapest pleasures, of the most trivial talks, the banalest encounters, and yet Pattaya remains the holiday destination number one. A billion of men reading and looking at pictures of young girls from Pattaya, Rio de Janeiro, Santo Domingo or Phnom Penh going to “holidays of my life” as they call it, to dedicate themselves to the banalest activities. Some of them call it “love.” Some people believe in God, others believe in justice, and some other don’t believe at all. Some people live with one partner all their live, other change them every week, whereas monks reject sexual pleasures entirely.

Negation of traditional values

People date with women (or men) as drug addicts looking for a perfect match, other hang in bars drinking beer and becoming more and more bored of themselves. Nihilism is a word so rich in meanings that I want to clarify its use here: a non believer in love as something radically different or higher than sex, and a nonbeliever that sexual promiscuity conducts is a kind of moral devil. Of course, this is not the philosophical meaning of nihilism, nor ordinary meaning. Only the root is similar: the negation of some values confessed by other people.

Lust (and Painkiller)

There are people whose lives became so severe in some way that they attach to some narcotics to avoid living in suffering: it can be a chemical substance, gambling, sex or even work. A very common attachment, particularly among men, is super sexual activity. A semi-scientific question arise: how many people are nihilists and attached to compulsive sex? The answer is revealed in the title of this article of course. There are about 5 million of people going every year to Pattaya for holidays. Every bar in Pattaya during the season is full of nihilists attached in some way to a kind of a street Asian dating with one or another Pattaya Bar Girl.

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