The Pattaya Girls of Peppermint Agogo will rock your world. This Pattaya Go Go bar currently features some of the hottest female talents in town. In fact, I’m coming out right now and ranking the stunning girls of Peppermint Pattaya as the best looking girls in town as of lately. That’s right, even better than Baccara.

I just spent the last few weeks going up and down Walking Street bouncing between Peppermint A Go Go and Baccara. Yes, it was a tough job, but somebody had to do it.

As you know, last year I claimed that Baccara A Go Go had the best-looking girls in Pattaya. Well now, I think things have changed. There are some real stunners dancing and carrying on at the Peppermint Palace. You’ve got to see these girls.

If you haven’t been to Peppermint Agogo, you’ve missed one of Pattaya’s finest entertainment venues. Its located a little more than half way down Walking Street on the right-hand side as you’re heading south. This Pattaya go-go bar has been around for quite a long time, and it has a huge following of regular customers. It’s no wonder it is so popular, this place rocks!Peppermint Pattaya

Where to sit in Peppermint Agogo

As you walk into the club you see that they have two tables set up as dance tables, complete with brass poles, that you have to walk between to get back to where the main stage is. Early in the evening, there are’nt any girls that dance there. The table dancers usually don’t get cranked up until after 9:30 or so. There are seats around these tables as well as up against the walls of the club. If you get here late, that’s probably where you’ll wind up sitting because Peppermint gets packed.

I like to get a seat right by the main stage where they have stools set up right at the edge of the stage. The main stage is further back into the room. The dancing stage at Peppermint agogo bar is about two feet lower than the edge of the bar where your drink sets. This puts you just about eye level with the sweet Peppermint girls asses. This stage is set up along the right-hand wall as you walk in.

The main stage always has at least ten dancers for your viewing enjoyment. It’s also where they put on their nightly shows that feature the completely naked Pattaya Girls of Peppermint Pattaya as they strut their stuff. These girls are good dancers to boot, so that makes it even more enjoyable. There’s none of the back and forth shuffle of bored dancers. These girls actually put on a good show.

On the opposite wall from the main stage, they have another, smaller stage, that accommodates at least five dancers and at least a couple of them will be nude. There are plenty of seats in this area where you can get a good view of all of the stages at once.

Peppermint PattayaBut that’s not all. In the very back of the Peppermint Pattaya Club, they have a glass area enclosed with bars like a jail. There are more girls that dance back in this area. I’m usually too preoccupied with whats going on at the main stage to pay much attention to the girls in the cage, but they’re hot as well.

There’s more right in the center, in the very back, there is an elevated stage that features just one girl at a time dancing above all of the other girls.

Best times in Peppermint Pattaya

Peppermint agogo has a good happy hour from 8:00 to 9:30 when you can get a draft beer for just 59 baht and shots of Sang Som for just 65 baht. Now, that’s a reasonable price.

As soon as Happy Hour is over at 9:30 they bring out what I refer to as the “A” team. These hot Pattaya Girls all take the stage at the same time, and they are the hottest girls in the club. The music gets cranking, and the girls get shaking, and the party moves to a new level. These girls indeed know how to dance, but the best part comes at the end of a few songs when all of the girls get naked and dance their grand finale dance. Man, every dick in the place is hard by now and the evening has just gotten started.

After that 9:30 warm up dance by the A team, it seems like the place takes off on fire. The music is up-tempo, and all of the girls are getting it on. By 10:00 pm the party is rocking. There are girls all over the place. The table dancers are dancing up front, all of the stages are full. There are half naked and naked girls circulating throughout the room. The featured dancer is up there above the whole place. It’s really something you should experience. I recommend this place!

Tip: The real stunners at Peppermint Pattaya get bar fined early. So, if you see a Peppermint lady that you like, don’t waste time. Step right up to the plate.

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