Sapphire Club Pattaya go go is located on Soi 15, the same street as Angelwitch and Babydolls. Sapphire Pattaya is the first go go bar on the right hand side of the Soi as you enter from Walking Street. You can’t miss it.

The owners are a group of fun loving Irish lads. You can find Nile and the boys right on premises on most nights making sure that customers are properly cared for. They have spared no expense in turning this venue into a top quality club. If you ask, they’ll set you up with a VIP card that entitles you to a 10% discount on just about everything that’s available in Sapphire Club Pattaya.Sapphire Club Pattaya

There were about 35 dancers in various stages of being overdressed to underdressed, depending on which team the dancer belonged. When I first walked in I was confronted by eight or 10 coyote-style dancers on the main stage, dressed in the usual short shorts and tops. Most of them were gyrating nicely, but that’s not why most people wander into a go-go. Within a couple of minutes the girls left the main stage en-masse and were replaced by another group of eight or 10 dancers. Only this time the majority of these disported themselves of what little apparel they were wearing.

The Sapphire Pattaya agogo has proven itself to be a first class operation and worthy of a visit the next time you’re in town. The owners are friendly and attentive, the mamasan aims to please, and the Pattaya Girls that work there will rock your world.

As you enter the club, you’ll see the main stage right in front of you. It’s kind of oval shaped with two small raised platforms at each end. They usually have around eight Pattaya girls dancing during each set.

The Sapphire girls come in all shapes and sizes and I’ve never had a problem finding the body type I like. The mamasan always has at least one or two totally naked Pattaya girls dancing during each set. Most of the other girls dance topless. The girls are friendly and don’t mind hands-on activity at all. There’s no pressure to buy lady drinks, but they are definitely appreciated.

About every hour the Sapphire girls will put on a special show featuring total nudity. I’ve seen some very creative shows at Sapphire Pattaya. One strange show that I saw there featured a fire-eating hefty gal that threw two smaller girls around the stage as she dripped hot wax on herself. All of the shows are quite erotic. You can also catch the Pattaya Ribbon Show at Sapphire.

The floors in Sapphire Club PattayaSapphire Club Pattaya

The main go go bar area on the first floor of Sapphire Club isn’t really that big. It’s comparable in size to Babydolls or Windmill. But that’s not all that Sapphire Pattaya has to offer. There are three more floors to this Pattaya nightclub and each floor has something special in store for you.

The second floor features the billiard room. There are couches at the sides of the room for lounging. There’s a full service bar in the corner. This is a great place to go if you’d like a quieter setting and a game of pool. It’s rumored that some of the girls like to play “naked pool” on occasion.

The third floor is where you’ll find the four short-time rooms. Let me be the first to tell you that the short-time rooms at Sapphire Pattaya are by far the finest such rooms in town. They are super clean. They feature tiled floors, air conditioning, ceiling fans, deluxe showers, artwork on the walls. Hell, they’re nicer than a lot of hotel rooms I’ve seen. There’s no extra charge to use the short-time rooms. They’re included in the bar fine which is 500 baht.

The VIP Suite in Sapphire Pattaya

Now, here’s the thing that a lot of guy’s don’t know about Sapphire Club Pattaya. The entire fourth floor contains the VIP suite. The VIP suite is pure luxury. There’s a comfortable sitting area with soft couches and chairs. The suite has a big screen TV and all of the amenities you could imagine. The bathroom is huge with a big Jacuzzi tub. This floor was designed for the punter who would like to spend a special evening with more than one girl. If you’re into threesomes, this is the room you want to get. Ask Nile about availability and pricing.

The next time you’re in Pattaya make sure to stop in for a drink and a short-time. You really can’t go wrong with this place. I recommend it. Sapphire Club Pattaya is rated a perfect 5 Stars on our Pattaya GoGo review page.

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