Why are Pattaya Women so attractive?

  • simply put most Pattaya Women are beautiful
  • exotic, the difference attracts always
  • dedication to men
  • positive attitude of coming men: men receive what they expect; it is the expectation that make Pattaya women great life companions
  • skin of east women is different
  • peacefulness, they avoid conflicts, don’t tend to be rivals
  • the culture of Thailand is very soft; the smile is a part of a good education
  • statistics: young women on Phuket are more numerous than men looking for them
  • simplicity: the contact with Pattaya Women is simple, they always have time to talk, never say “no”
  • last but not least: love is simple

The Mystery of Walking Street

  • erotic paradise, extremely easy contact with women, or men if you wish
  • Walking Street: the most vibrant street in Pattaya
  • safe place, this is not Rio de Janeiro or Santo Domingo
  • women working in bars etc are freelancers; they don’t have to pay money to anyone
  • no slavery, no violence
  • the joy is real, not artificial
  • Pattaya Women are masters of seduction: combination of charm, elegance in society, ability to be good mother and wife at home, and a whore in the bed
  • they are very feminine; they still are WOMEN

Pattaya Women and HIV

  • visit the thailandguru dot com
  • Thailand has the second result in the world (after the USA) of documented AIDS cases
  • the virus spreads by heterosexual contacts, different from the virus known in western countries
  • in the USA 10% of infections and 80% in Thailand come from heterosexual contacts
  • roughly 2 millions of women live thanks to money offered by the westerners
  • at the end of 80-ies, about 40% of prostitutes in Chiang Mai were affected by HIV
  • in Thailand, sex with unknown women is a Russian roulette
  • there are no condoms that give 100% certainty of protection
  • check your blood and your partner’s before you start the holiday relation; control points are in all big towns, it’s cheap and quick
  • the statistic possibility of entering into the sexual relation with an infected person is 100 times higher in Thailand than in Europe
  • The CIA website says about 30,000 people who have died of AIDS; there are 500,000 people living with HIV, 1,4% of the population
  • liberal sexual customs are in favor of spreading the virus
  • opposite to popular believes the HIV infection of this kind doesn’t need a direct blood-blood contact
  • Thai women, prostitutes mainly pay too much attention to hygiene, they wash vagina before the sexual intercourse, effect: lack of natural layer of defense

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