Are Thai Girls whores? I refer to Thailand girls working in bars, go-go, massage centers. Are Thai girls working there for money whores? Most of them, and we talk about thousands of girls, would be ready to spend a night with a white man for some financial help, or two nights, or the rest of their lives. Who cares about the opinion of others? I do not & I live with these girls; I’ve chosen this form of life because it is the closest one to happiness. I share with them my sperm, my money, my bed, my thoughts, my love, all the best I have to of my thai girls

In this way, I’m more honest with myself. All Thai girls working in these places are whores only from a shallow point of view. From my perspective, they are women. Their lives, hips, children, kisses, their love, and emotions attract me. I’ll never be rich because I don’t see the point to die rich. I’m happy, they are happy; don’t bother me with your puritan morality. If there is only one place on Earth where you can go and make love with so many amazing women like in South-East Asia, please tell me where it is. I’ll go to check it. But there is no such a place, so I live in and love Thailand and Thai women. And I thank God that he has created this country; I thank Buddha that he didn’t traumatize people with the idea of the sin.

We, Europeans, we still live in a shadow of antihuman Christian ideology. There are not enough Nietzsche’s among us. We are kneeling in Europe; our sick morality transforms us in constant liars. There is no any more intelligent, cruel animal than I. I’m a human being; I’m a murderer number one.

The family is only a way of biological and social reproduction. Nothing more. There may be people who believe that making children is a way to immortalize them. One more naivety, one more sentimental mistake. Thai girls offer pleasure. I don’t care about social position, money, and fame. But I like pleasure; I like love, I like Thai women. To be an artist? A famous writer? A university professor of ancient language? To study mathematics, physics? Everything seemed to be interesting when I was young. But every of us has to go inside deeper and deeper in his own madness. My madness is love. The only one thing which seems to be equally exciting is taking drugs. I’ve chosen women, Thailand women. What if I’m on a wrong path? So the rest is emptiness, absurdity, the life has no meaning, it doesn’t matter what I say, what I write, what you think, what you’ll think tomorrow. We are liars because only lying we can live. If there is nothing, then I’ll go again to a Buddhist monastery. I like Buddhism for this very reason. They don’t lie. They say: nothing matters, all around, including my thoughts and feelings, is false. It doesn’t exist. There are only death and millions of lies. To live with Thai women is my form of a lie. I’ve chosen this form of lying.

They are fallen angels, whores; they are beautiful, they never say no, they like to make love, they don’t care about what other people will say, they don’t believe in other things than money and death. My hell is my paradise. In Thailand the girl is a synonym of religion. My religion consists of pleasure, future death, and the ultimate truth. That’s my credo.

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