Windmill Club Pattaya has always been a solid hands-on Pattaya go go bar. The Windmill Pattaya has always been a favorite with local expats as well as tourists. Drink prices are the cheapest in the Walking Street area. Bar fines are reasonable at 600 baht, and the Windmill girls are eager to please. Windmill is the self-proclaimed naughtiest a go go Bar in Pattaya.

New Girls at Windmill Pattaya are hotter than ever!

Windmill Club Pattaya has always been one of our all-time favorites, and I’m happy to report that this Pattaya Go Go is still going strong and it may now be even better than ever. Longtime owner, David, is back in charge with a whole new crew, a whole new bunch of GoGo Babes, and the place is rocking like never before.

The staff is top-notch, and all the new staff associated with Windmill is eager to please. The girls are just as frisky and hands-on activity is encouraged, as always. Mamasan Micki that some of you may remember from Xzone brings on a whole new stable of gorgeous GoGo Bargirls for your entertainment enjoyment. I had a pleasant conversation with her last night. Micki likes to bring on talent that’s young, slim, beautiful, and NOT shy. In my opinion, Micki’s girls are the best that Windmill has offered up in a while.Windmill Club Pattaya

Windmill Club Pattaya at its best

Windmill now even has a few GoGo Dancers that you could rank right up there in the stunner category. They’ve got shapes and sizes to fit any taste. This new bunch of girls has a much younger look and feel to it than the old crew. Plus, there’s at least 50 of them to choose from.

There’s one little girl running around in there butt-naked that I swear looks to be about 14 (she’s 20). The shower girl Ao is another 20 years old “nubile” that’s a pleasure to behold.

Also, they now rotate the showgirls in and out more frequently. They’re always mixing it up in the shower and on the naughty stages. There’s more variety now than before. The totally naked hotties on stage and in the tub are way better looking now than before. Honestly, they have the Babydoll’s showgirls beat hands down.

Whatever your taste in girls, Windmill Pattaya has something for everyone. David, the owner/manager, is right on premises every night. He wants to make sure that every one of his customers has a great experience. If you haven’t been to Windmill in a while, you owe it to yourself to check it out. The Windmill is located on Soi Diamond, just off Walking Street. Guys, there’s a party going on at Windmill Pattaya!

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